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Payouts to parents are a sorry replacement for investing in Ontario’s schools

Test results show students’ alarming decline in math. The government’s response? Hand parents $200 and say “here, try and find a tutor for the kiddo.”

Educators are parents. Parents are workers. And facts are facts.

Ontario’s political rhetoric creates divisions where, in reality, none exist.

Fixing Ontario’s broken school system

Just because our schools are open does not mean they are serving student’s needs, Laura Walton writes.

Hamilton public school board urges province to hike CUPE wage offer

Hamilton public school board chair Dawn Danko is urging Premier Doug Ford’s government to be more generous in its wage offer as it tries to avert a strike by the union representing the board’s caretakers and maintenance workers.

LETTER: Many education workers must rely on second jobs

When schools closed during the first wave of the pandemic and students shifted to online classes, information technology (IT) departments worked overtime.

Guest column: Ford government owes students, families, and workers a better deal

My work takes patience, empathy, and dedication. I come to school every day to help students achieve their best. But while my job has become more physically and emotionally taxing, my contribution has been devalued.
(Photo credit: CUPE/Gregory Bennett)

Op-Ed: Ford and boards cut education workers, destabilizing schools

Op-Ed: A local high school custodian says cuts to education workers have gone too far, with union in collective bargaining.

Educational assistants in Ontario say they're fighting to make a livable wage

Contract between education workers and provincial government expired on Aug. 31

LETTER: Ford can afford better deal for students, workers

The Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board and Northeastern Catholic District School Board’s cuts have resulted in five fewer educational assistants, one less child-youth worker, and several fewer custodians this year.